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Lincat Electric Fryer

Lincat Silverlink 600 Series

Front Mounted Controls
Hinging Element with safety cut-out, provides easy access to tank for easy cleaning
Sturdy, rigid basket support, allows fully laden baskets to drain into tank
High quality grade 304 stainless steel fryer tanks, fully welded to hobs for added strength and smooth, easy-clean seamless finish
Front drain taps, with straight drainpipe
Cool zone collects cooking debris - gives cleaner cooking results and prolongs the life of oil
Convenient twin electrical cables on DF66 twin tank model allow you to plug in standard 13 amp socket
Thermostatic control with fail-safe top temperature cut-out

Features and Technical Information

Electric Fryer Mod. J6

External Dimensions 600 x 600 x 970 cm
Capacity 2x9 litre (2 tank - 2 basket)
Power 2 x 6 kW
Weight 53 kg
Price 950.00

 Our Price: 799 +VAT