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Zanolli Double Deck Gas Conveyor Belt Pizza Oven

 Zanolli Model  08/50 Double

Have you ever tried to produce large quantities of pizzas without losing an excellent product baking quality? The Zanolli gas conveyor belt oven ventilated tunnel oven combines reduced personnel costs with excellence in baking in all situations. Even untrained personnel with little experience in pizza baking can obtain the best perfect results. With the Zanolli gas conveyor belt oven, you can produce top quality pizzas without the help of a professional pizza maker.

Thanks to a patented system, a flow of hot air provides an unvarying distribution of heat which prevents the products drying out excessively, surrounding the product and removing the barrier of cold air which would under normal circumstances insulate it. In this way you can bake at lower temperatures than those in traditional ovens, giving saving in electricity and obtaining an always fragrant pizza.

Features and Technical Information

Zanolli Gas Conveyor Belt Pizza Oven Mod. 08/50 V Double

External dimensions 1280 x 1720 x 1660 mm
Cooking area 450 x 845 mm (times 2)
Number of units 2
Capacity output / Hour 100 x 300mm pizza / hour
Power input 26 kW GAS
Voltage 230 V
Net weight 380 Kg

Standard Features

  • Fully stainless steel structure
  • Side door
  • Electronic flame control
  • Digital control panel
  • Very cost effective
  • High pizza production output
 Our Price: 10500.00 +VAT

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